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Coffee, Cleavers and Peelers: Chef Chris Crary’s 13 Kitchen Essentials

January 15, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin

There are a few tools every great chef relies upon to create their excellent dishes. Today, we tapped Top Chef alum and HYDE Sunset Kitchen + Cocktail’s Executive Chef Chris Crary to share his kitchen essentials. Check out his 13 must-have items below—without them the world would never know the decadence of Crary’s Lobster Bucatini, his mouthwatering blueberry pancakes, his “Shiso Sexy” cocktail, or any of his other seasonal California-inspired cuisines.

Chef Crary’s Kitchen Essentials:

  1. Cleaver: For fast chopping and large projects
  2. Santoku knife: For smaller more delicate, detailed work
  3. Spoons: Always need a spoon for saucing, plating, tasting, flipping
  4. Towels: Essential for touching hot pans or cleaning up spills
  5. Micro plane: For quickly zesting citrus or grating parmesean
  6. Pocket knife: For cutting tape, opening boxes or cutting open bags
  7. Fish spatula: A delicate tool to keep fish from sticking to the pan or losing its skin
  8. Reusable water bottle: Always stay hydrated
  9. Sharpie and pen: Signing for deliveries, jotting down menu ideas, labeling and dating items
  10. Peeler: There are not many items that can do what a peeler can
  11. Salt and pepper: Everything needs salt and pepper
  12. Vita Prep Blender: Yes it is expensive, but in my industry it’s worth every penny
  13. Coffee: For those long nights that turn into early mornings