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Guests have multiple options to explore within the hotel: Skybar, set amidst tropical gardens, pulses with the electricity of Miami nightlife and Diez y Seis, offers a twist on classic Mexican cuisine.

On Property Dining & Nightlife

Miami, FL

Diez y Seis

Diez y Seis is inspired by one of the most popular Mexican holidays, recognized as a day that brings everyone together to celebrate their shared love of country.

Miami, FL

Skybar Shore Club

Your South Beach odyssey begins at the cool and casual Skybar + Garden at Shore Club. Guests enjoy a variety of Mexican inspired tapas and a full menu under the stars in the garden or lounge.

Miami, FL

Pool Bar

Shore Club's two elevated infinity edge pools are among South Beach’s most popular hot-spots, featuring relaxed lounging areas with enormous custom tufted beds.
Chef Jose Icardi of Diez y seis

The Chef

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chef Icardi learned the traditional Argentinian BBQ technique “El Asado,” working at his parents’ restaurant. After receiving his degree in international cuisine from IAG, he moved to Spain to cook at Parrilla Don Muno in San Sebastian. In 2015, Icardi expanded his culinary role with sbe becoming Executive Chef of The Restaurant at The Raleigh. In 2017, Chef Icardi created Leynia at the Delano South Beach, where he serves as Executive Chef, bringing forth imaginative Argentinian fusion cuisine. In 2018 Icardi launched Diez y Seis a Mexican restaurant with a renegade take on classic cuisine.

Nearby Dining & Nightlife

Miami, FL

LEYNIA South Beach

At LEYNIA, food and festivity always go hand in hand and we take pride in the the unique experiences we curate.

Miami, FL

Delano Beach Club

Delano Beach Club is the ultimate seaside retreat, offering a distinctive, refined outdoor environment.

Miami, FL

Katsuya South Beach

South Beach Katsuya artfully blends master sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi’s fresh take on classic Japanese cuisine with the pulsating vibe of South Beach.