BiBo Dani García


View of dining area and bar

BiBo Shoreditch

A lively, urban space, perfect for casual lunches and spirited dinners. Chef Dani García brings his unique, vibrant cuisine to London for the very first time, to be enjoyed by both locals and visitors to the city. A carefree space that will become the heart of the Shoreditch food scene, famed for its distinctive and unforgettable flavours.

Open Tuesday - Saturday

6pm - 11pm

Bibo food courtyard

The Menus

Dine on BiBo Dani García favourites such as the Oxtail Brioche, a pulled oxtail brioche with thin mushroom slices, DG sauce and rocket; the Russian Salad with Quail Eggs, comprising potato, extra virgin olive oil mayo, tuna belly, fried quail eggs and garlic chips, and Jamón Croquetas, creamy and crunchy ham croquettes with tomato powder. 

Dani Garcia

Chef Dani García

The chef Dani García is positioned as one of the Andalusian chefs with the greatest international projection to this day. Dani defines himself as an ‘artisan of flavor’ who manages to combine the products of his land together with the techniques and ingredients of the most international cuisine.

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