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The Bazaar by José Andrés Serves the Best Buffalo Wings in Los Angeles

March 18, 2015

The most upscale, wildly experimental restaurant on our list also serves some of the country’s most mind-blowingly delicious wings. José Andrés first confits his wings (slow-cooking them in chicken fat) before deboning them, dredging them in flour, pan-frying them, and then dunking them in his own interpretation of Buffalo sauce. He’s even got the accompaniments covered: each wing is topped with blue cheese cream and compressed diced celery. The wings at The Bazaar in Los Angeles are so good, they came in at #8 on our list of the 25 best in America, and since Andrés’ restaurant is the only eatery from L.A. to make the compilation, the great chef can also boast that he serves the very best Buffalo wings in The City of Angels.