Bazaar Meat Is a Carnivorous Culinary Sensation

August 25, 2014

.”..there’s one thing I’m certain of: I love Bazaar Meat! Leave it to José Andrés to take on the steakhouse—the most boring dining concept—and completely turn it on its head. ”

“The real beauty of Bazaar Meat is the way in which the chef and his team perfectly blend the traditional and the bizarre (yes, pun intended). The steaks are simply seasoned and perfectly grilled. The miniature sloppy Joes are all-American classics. Even the Asian “tacos” (Ibérico ham and flying fish roe on a sheet of nori) are a simple homage to the highest quality ingredients.

But then you get to cotton-candy foie gras. Their sweet, airy wrapping is a beautiful counterbalance to the buttery meatiness of the fatty duck liver within.

The same goes for the addition of a delicate, sweet lemon foam to a briny sea urchin beautifully presented in its shell. And don’t miss the tiny “Foiffle,” a light-as-air, hollow waffle stuffed and topped with foie gras foam, peanut butter and honey. (It’s listed as a sandwich, but save this one for dessert.)