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Bazaar by José Andrés named Ten Best South Beach Restaurants

June 25, 2015

What’s not to love about Spanish celebrity chef and dynamic personality José Andrés’ gastronomic wonderland? Dinner at the Bazaar is like a trip down the culinary rabbit hole. Your palate will never experience a dull moment — from liquid nitrogen caipirinhas (that drink like adult sorbets and rouseoohs and ahhs throughout the under-the-sea-like white dining room) and the onion soup with foie gras cappuccino to the airbread cubano ($12), chock full of Swiss foam and topped with house-made pickles and Ibérico pork meat that literally explodes in your mouth. Try a bevy of fusion tapas that pay homage to the Caribbean, Asia, and the Americas while still keeping a Miami taste and feel. Take, for instance, the coffee with foie gras, yuca churros with peanut butter and local honey, and conch fritters with a liquid center.