Table set up for Christmas Dinner

Posadas at SLS Cancun

Enjoy our special packages of:

  • Food
  • National open bar
  • International open bar

From $ 850 pesos per person.

Or quote your event, completely personalized.

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SLS Cancun | Cancun, Q.R.

Lazy Breakfast

Join us at @leyniacancun

  • All you can eat from the breakfast menu
  • Open bar at Mimosas and Bloody Mary's

Every weekend from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

SLS Cancun | Cancun, Q.R.

Day Pass Experience

Introducing SLS Day Pass Experience.

Includes beach, swimming pools, inflatables, free parking, and enjoy scheduled activities, courtesy of SLS.

SLS Cancun | Cancun, Q.R.

Posadas at SLS Cancun

Celebrate your Christmas events with us!

SLS Cancun | Cancun, Q.R.

Sample Leynia Savours

We take care of selecting the Tribe's favorite dishes to introduce you to Leynia's DNA.

The best of our gastronomic proposal in a 3 to 5 course dinner.

SLS Cancun | Cancun, Q.R.

Y7 Package

Book the Y7 package and enjoy 1 complimentary month of Y7 Online to access unlimited flows and live flows streamed weekly.

SLS Cancun | Cancun, Q.R.

Taco Tribe

Enjoy our special taco fair, a gastronomic experience with the best tacos of Mexico.

Every Tuesday from 12 noon to 10 at night.

SLS Cancun | Cancun, Q.R.

She Loves Secrets - Ladies Day

Start your Thursday with a sweet moment in the company of your girl gang.

SLS Cancun | Cancun, Q.R.

When life gives you birthdays, celebrate it with us!

We are ready to pamper you, celebrate with us in the company of 4 more people and the birthday boy/girl is on our own.