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Situated just off the lobby, the Den

is the perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea or sip a Gin and Tonic. For a dining experience elevating familiar Eastern and Western flavours into something extraordinary, take a stroll down the lobby’s red carpet to St Martins Lane Kitchen before seeking innovative cocktails behind the façade of a boutique tea counter at Blind Spot.

On Property Dining


The Nitery by Gizzi Erskine

Award-winning chef, food writer and broadcaster Gizzi Erskine is being welcomed to the St Martins Lane family. The Nitery will blend experimental ingredients with nostalgic, classic dishes under hedonistic, bohemian settings inspired by the early 20th century Parisian ‘niteries’.


Blind Spot

Blind Spot cocktail bar travels from harbour to harbour and gathers the world flavours into its new menu. From NYC to Sydney, through Venice, Mumbai, Osaka and many more. Spin the globe and choose from our selection of 25 destinations.


The Den

Welcome to The Den - a modern gathering place and decompression zone for you to sit back, relax and unwind in after a day spent battling the busy streets of London.


EllaMia London

Making its global debut, EllaMia is a joyous, sophisticated, and modern coffee brand that will transcend the ordinary by bringing a slice of Los Angeles’ craft coffee culture to London.

Nearby Dining


The Restaurant at Sanderson

The Restaurant at Sanderson blends visionary design with an exceptional menu and artisanal cocktails.


Long Bar at Sanderson London

At some 80-feet in length, Long Bar has been remodelled with nature in mind, dripping with climbing vines, hanging plants and decadent floral displays, creating a mesmerising focal attraction.


Purple Bar at Sanderson London

Purple Bar, with its veritable symphony of purples, lavenders and violets, is a chic and intimate lounge that has become one of London’s hottest gathering places.