Privilege Signature Cocktails

Privilege Signature Cocktails

Six new Privilege Signature Cocktails with a richer taste and flavor.

"Unique ingredients, new techniques, complex flavors.”

Privilege presents the whole new signature cocktails inspired by the look and feel of 7 different jewels from March 2022. Quench your thirst at Privilege today, not tomorrow.

cocktail in a teacup

Night In Seoul - Inspired by Emerald : Homemade Old Tom Gin with Agave Lemongrass | Fresh Basil | Fino Sherry | Egg White | Lemon Juice | Homemade Basil & Lemon Bitters and more.

Pour On Me! - Inspired by Ruby : Homemade Pomegranate Cordial | Sparkling Wine

Feeling Purple? - Inspired by Crystal : House Blended Gin | Homemade Lavender Syrup | Homemade Honey Water | Cassis | Rose Water | Orange Water | Lemon Juice

Walk On The Clouds - Inspired by Diamond : Gin | Dry Vermouth | Orange Bitter | Homemade Yuzu & Pear Cloud


coffee cocktail with pearl garnish


One For The Road - Inspired by Black Pearl : Homemade Peanut Butter Bourbon | House Blend Chocolate Vermouth | PX Sherry

I Don't Give A Sip - Inspired by Gold : Cognac | PX sherry | Bourbon | Cold-brew Coffee | Homemade Cheese Cream

Yellow Submarine - Inspired by Topaz : Homemade Makgeolli Yogurt | Aperol | Mango | Dark Rum | White Rum