José Andrés’ Private Tasting Experience at SAAM
The Bazaar by José Andrés Beverly Hills , los angeles

José Andrés’ Private Tasting Experience at SAAM

After eight amazing years, we are bidding goodbye to SAAM and welcoming Somni!

Following last service on Saturday, July 29, the restaurant is slated to reopen March 2018 as Somni, a new concept by Chef José Andrés and ThinkFoodGroup Culinary Director Aitor Zabala, along with the TFG creative team, ThinkFoodTank.

“Since opening in 2009, I have been so proud of what we have accomplished at SAAM. This restaurant is very special – the creation of an amazing team of people including Aitor,” said Andrés. “We constantly have new ideas we want to explore, and Somni will give Aitor and the ThinkFoodTank team a new platform to deliver an unbelievable dining experience,” continued Andrés.

“Somni is an evolution from our past, and we will now be in the right space to make our “somni” (dream) come true,” stated Zabala. “I am extremely happy with what we’ve built in the past couple years, and it is time to make the 2.0 version and set the bar even higher,” continued Zabala.