Local Purveyor Appreciation Dinner’s

Local Purveyor Appreciation Dinner’s

We are bringing the garden to the beach! The Bazaar by José Andrés will offer a curated local produce tasting menu featuring ingredients from Paradise Farms. Join us for our Local Purveyor Appreciation dinners June 21st – 24th.

South Florida’s legendary Paradise Farms, exudes bounty and holistic wellness with its medicinal, topical, certified organic harvest. Their philosophy and ingredients are simple: natural organic elements, love and intention. Every process and crop is seen and touched by the farmer—from every weed pulled, each plant sown, and the selection of harvest. They  pride themselves on the sustainable practices and vibrant organic produce, as they embody holistic wellness and represent the highest expression of the farm and are beliefs.

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$140 per person including two locally crafted cocktails

For reservations call (305) 455-2999or email bazaarSBreservations@sbe.com