Bee My Honey Dessert Graffiti
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Bee My Honey Dessert Graffiti

The ultimate sweet finale, the latest iteration of the signature Dessert Graffiti is a food art wonderland inspired by the honey bee, including the flowers they pollinate and varieties of honey they produce.  Each decadent masterpiece is comprised of 15 types of  desserts, including: 
  • Dulcey Hive mousse cake
  • Honey ganache and lemon jam macaron
  • Lavender-almond honeycomb whips
  • Blackberry pate de fruit
  • Chamomile tea pipette
  • Milk and honey mousse cake
  • Raspberry-rose hibiscus caramel
  • Citrus and honey bon bons

Each dessert graffiti is created and decorated table-side by one of our pastry chefs who explains each unique item as well as the importance of bees in our eco-system and why we are passionate about bee education.

Please allow 30-40 minutes for preparation as each graffiti board is made to order.

Please call (310) 246-5555 or book now on Open Table.