A Forbes Five-Star Dining Experience
SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Beverly Hills , los angeles

A Forbes Five-Star Dining Experience

From the mind of acclaimed chef José Andrés comes Somni, a modernist dining room in the heart of SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills, A Luxury Collection Hotel. A bespoke horseshoe-shaped counter seats just 10 guests, who are served 20 courses of meticulously plated experimental cuisine.

The stark dining room feels appropriately dream-like — Somni means “dream” in Catalan. A lack of straight lines leaves you unsure of the space’s dimensions and the monochrome palette is only broken up by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel’s multicolored, geometric animal heads.

A pendant light shines a spotlight over each seat, preparing you to be the center of attention as plate after plate of inventive fare is presented for your enjoyment. The meal is like a theater production, as chefs introduce each dish like a star performer. At the end of this fabulous feast, you’ll feel like giving a standing ovation — if you’re not too full.

~ Forbes Travel Guide 2020