Bucket List: The World’s Coolest Places to Travel

June 10, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin

If you’re anything like us, with a bad case of wanderlust, you’ve got an ever expanding list of places around the world you’d want to visit. And while it’s hard to narrow down the destinations to just a handful, the journey has to start somewhere. So get your passport ready, we’ve picked five top spots to travel.


Why we love it: No longer a “forbidden” destination for Americans, this Caribbean island has a wealth of music, food, classic cars, cigars, and more to explore. Since travel restrictions were lifted this year, we can’t wait to see it all before all the tourists (aka us) spoil the fun.
Best time to go: To take advantage of all the amazing festivals in Havana, plan your trip for July or August.


Image via Jaume Escofet


Why we love it: Beaches, mountains, safaris and plenty of other options for adventure: this southern African country has it all. Here you can still find nearly deserted beaches or more tourist-friendly accommodations ranging from five-star hotels to surf and yoga retreats, depending on what kind of mood you’re in.
Best time to go: The drier, cooler months of May to November.


The Northern Lights in Norway

Why we love it: Every year from November to March the little town of Tromsø in Norway is taken over in the best way by the most spectacular green sky. Also a bit of a party town, when you tire of watching a little piece of the heavens, there’s plenty to do in the city center from cultural events to bar hopping.
Best time to go: November to March.


The Bahamas

Why we love it: With seven hundred islands you could easily explore them all. But we’ve set our sites on Baha Mar. When the new luxury resort Baha Mar opens this year, it will boast unprecedented offerings of retail, gaming, relaxation and dining experiences. Expect plenty of casino time, golf, five-star accommodation at SLS LUX, snorkeling, and, of course, apres-snorkel drinks and dinner at Cleo or Katsuya.
Best time to go: The Bahamas enjoy around 320 sunny days a year, so you’re good most of the year.



Why we love it: It’s beautiful, it’s tranquil, it’s magical, it’s romantic, it’s awe-inspiring, it’s everything, all wrapped into one incredible island. The people are warm, the food is delicious and you can get an hour-long massage for about $5. Everything is a short ride away, whether you’re up for pristine beaches, temple exploration, rice padi treks, or adventures with elephants.
Best time to go: May to September or December/January.