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Workout with a Soul: The Legendary Ladies of SoulCycle

August 1, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

No one has infused the fitness industry with more fun, innovation and enthusiasm in the last decade than Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, the ladies behind SoulCycle. Founded on the belief that fitness “can be inspiring” SoulCycle is mix between a motivational cycling workout and transformative experience—or as they explain it, a “party at an ashram.” And with each high-energy workout clocking in at just 45 minutes, you don’t even have the luxury to be bored or tired. All these factors would explain why since their humble 2006 launch in an NYC office building, the SoulCycle revolution has spread to 25 locations with 50 more on the way. For this week’s installment of “Be Legendary” we caught up with the soulful co-founders, below.

SoulCycle definitely stands out from the competition. What inspired you to create such a unique way to cycle?

We were the users! We were searching for a fitness community that did not exist, so we created it.  We both believed fitness could be inspiring, challenging and FUN. And that you could get a full body workout in 45 minutes. Because it did not exist, we knew we had to create it. We wanted to build a supportive community—SoulCycle was always intended to be more than the 45-minute workout in the studio.

What is the “Soul Experience?”

SoulCycle is a 45-minute full body indoor cycling cardio party. It combines inspirational coaching with killer music in a candlelit environment. Riders truly leave feeling better and stronger than when they arrived. Imagine going to the greatest dance party at an ashram!

What do you consider the greatest success of the business so far?

The ability to scale the experience of SoulCycle without losing the SOUL.

Your schedule must be crazy these days. How often do you get to cycle?

4-5 times a week.

 SoulCycle has a strong, loyal following. What is it that makes people keep coming back?
 Our community. At the beginning we worked to retain every rider that came through our doors. We were in the back lobby of an unmarked office building on the Upper West Side so, when a new customer came in, we were just thrilled they found us and we knew we had to make the experience so stellar that they would return. That is a tenant of our customer service today.

What does “being legendary” in the fitness world mean to you?

Creating an experience that can live on, evolve and grow.

The sbe team getting their SoulCycle on.

The sbe team getting their SoulCycle on.

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