Wellness Resolutions Part 2: How to Stay Fit in 2017

February 7, 2017
Written by: Yasha Wallin
Header image via furthermore.equinox.com

It’s February, but we’re still nurturing our New Year’s resolutions, which, as is the case every year, include eating better and getting more exercise. To help with this journey, we turned to the experts at Equinox‘s Tier X coaching program to share the kind of wellness tips that will keep us fit and healthy throughout the year.

Tier X is the world’s most advanced health coaching that creates personalized programs that focus simultaneously on Movement, Nutrition and Regeneration. Here, Edward Gemdjian, Equinox’s Personal Trainer of the Year, and an elite Tier X coach, answers everything you ever wanted to know about how and what to eat in 2017. And to find out about what to eat while doing so, check out Part 1 of this series.


If we only have 30 minutes to work out, what’s your favorite power workout?
We often deal with this question at Tier X. We have a majority of clients who are pressed for time and also travel a lot. My personal favorite when in a rush is bodyweight exercise. The last thing we need to take more of your precious time away is finding the appropriate equipment. With bodyweight training, all you need is a few feet of floor, sand or grass! The best current example of this is Animal Flow, which is a combination of yoga, gymnastics, breakdancing and parkour! I’m a certified instructor and teach the basics to most of my clients.


What home gym essentials should we always have on hand?
A foam roller and some trigger point balls. It isn’t easy doing your highest intensity workout at home, but you can certainly get some recovery and corrective exercise done while catching up on your DVR. The first piece of “homework” we usually assign at Tier X is a specific Corrective Warm Up to help our clients undo some of the bad posture and imbalances they’ve created over the years. Also, Animal Flow, as I referenced above, is an excellent workout that just requires a bit of open space!

How many days a week should we be working out?
There are many factors we look at when helping our clients decide what’s appropriate. We know they want to see results quickly, but we don’t want them to do too much too fast and overtrain or end up injured. Factors include their recent exercise history, current injuries, time constraints, as well as stress and energy levels.


This ends up being a case by case answer, but there are a few constants:
1. EVERYONE should have at least one day off from exercise. No matter what, we should try to exercise a minimum of two times per week.
2. Workouts should vary between low, moderate and high intensity. You wouldn’t drive your car in the same gear all the time would you?!
3. Your ability to recover should guide how hard you work out. If the bachelor party went all night and you haven’t slept, it might be a good day to rest and take off from the gym.


How do you stay motivated?
“Today is the first day of the rest of your life!” I like to treat every day this way, moving forward no matter what happened the day before. New Year’s Resolutions are a great motivator to get you to the gym, but just because you skipped the third week of January doesn’t mean you should wait until next New Year’s to come back! It’s also a great reminder that none of us will ever be perfect, but we get to try every day!