Umami Burger Goes Global

April 11, 2017
Written by: Alexis Guerrero
Marketing Supervisor

Umami Burger has gone global! Making the leap from national to international on March 24th, Umami Burger officially opened its first restaurant in the heart of Tokyo. Umami, the fifth taste, originated in Japan, so naturally Umami Burger has a special connection with the country. Umami Burger Tokyo opened to lines out the door of delighted Umami aficionados. Rain or shine, Umami fans waited patiently to see the space and savor Umami classics and exclusive Japan items like the Samurai Burger with pickled red onion, perilla leaves, tempura lotus root, cabbage and wasabi aioli.

To kick-off Umami Burger’s debut in Tokyo, local actors, singers, models and celebs gathered for our star-studded launch event hosted by actor and singer Jin Akanishi. Notable attendees included You Yamada, Yuko Oshima, Minami Mingishi, Atsuko Maeda, Nina Endo, Haruna Kojima, Yuuki Akimoto and Momoko Kawakami.

Umami Burger Japan’s opening has garnered media attention from GQ, Wired Japan and over 400 online stories. Needless to say, Japan is as excited as we are about the expansion. Check out scenes from our opening week above to get a feel for Umami’s new home overseas and stay tuned for more international location announcements to come.