Twerk It: Workout Tips From a Twerking Master

July 1, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

If you haven’t heard of twerking by now, you probably need to get out more. This asset-flaunting move first made viral by The Twerk Team has since been brought to the masses thanks to Miley Cyrus’ tongue-wagging performances – but the real home to twerk is the club. And if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines when twerk tracks come on at Greystone, Lexy Panterra is here to save the day. The LexTwerkOut is not only instructional, but it’s also good clean – okay, maybe a little dirty – fun. Lexy’s taken all the key moves, from the Red Nose to the Wobble, and wrapped them up into a high-energy work out that will have you twerking in no time – and did we mention it’s Snoop Dogg-approved? Here are Lexy’s top tips, and catch her class in person for the live-action experience!

Lexy Panterra’s Twerk Tips

  1. Always look back at it and admire your assets!
  2. Tighten your tummy the whole twerk to keep your core engaged.
  3. Get low!
  4. A happy butt is a happy body.
  5. Drink lots of water during your twerk out.
  6. Be confident with your moves and you will look like a pro (or fake it until you make it!)