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Truffle Trivia: Test Your Black and White Truffle Knowledge

January 28, 2017
Written by: Yasha Wallin

It’s our favorite time of year: truffle season. SAAM at The Bazaar by José Andrés will be hosting their annual Black Truffle Dinner Series, a 16-course experience that deliciously runs through February 25, with decadence guaranteed. To get you in the mood for first class dining, we thought we’d test your truffle know-how, with our first-ever quiz, below. See how your truffle knowledge fares, and see you at SAAM to taste your reward.

The Black Truffle Dinner Series launches tomorrow! Join us @saamrestaurant to experience 16 courses of pure decadence. Tap the link in bio to book this one-of-kind experience. #saamatsls
  1. The flavor of a black truffle is typically:
    a. Earthy taste and pungent aroma
    b. Musky scent
    c. Hints of garlic and shallots
    d. Sweet with notes of honey
  2. The winter white truffle is found in:
    a. Northern Canada
    b. Sevilla, Spain
    c. Northern and Central Italy
    d. Upstate New York
  3. Truffles have been thought to be:
    a. An aphrodisiac
    b. Highly sought after for centuries
    c. Used for medicinal purposes
    d. All of the above
  4. The winter black truffle can be found in:
    a. Italy
    b. Spain
    c. France
    d. All of the above
  5. How much did rare Italian white truffle sell for in 2004 for at a charity auction?
    a. $1,000
    b. $100,000
    c. $35,000
    d. $500
  6. The best animals to hunt out truffles are:
    a. Pigs
    b. Trained dogs
    c. Goats
    d. All of the above
  7. How many years has SAAM at The Bazaar by José Andrés hosted the annual Black Truffle Dinner Series for?
    a. 5
    b. 3
    c. 2
    d. None of the above

Answers: 1. (a) 2. (c) 3. (d) 4. (d) 5. (c) 6. (d) 7. (a)

The annual Black Truffle Dinner Series is $250 per person with additional wine pairings available every Thursday, Friday, Saturday. For reservations please call (310) 246-5545 or book now on OpenTable