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Getting TRASHED with Tommy Trash: The sbe Interview

October 15, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Tommy Trash’s North American “TRASHED” tour is just like the name suggests: lots of partying, killer music and epic long nights. The Aussie-born, LA-based rebel DJ and producer brings his A game every time he hits the stage so we can’t wait for him to take over Create on Friday, October 24th with Henry Fong and Wax Motif. The day of, he’ll be hijacking Create’s Instagram, so be sure to follow to catch the head-banging House DJ’s pre-show antics. If that all isn’t exciting enough, we’re picking one lucky fan and a friend to hang with Tommy in the green room before the set. Enter to win here, and check out our exclusive interview with Tommy Trash below.

You’ve played on a range of global stages from high-end nightclubs to massive festivals and warehouse parties. Do you have a favorite setting or scene you and your music thrive in?

I’m not sure if I prefer one setting to another, they’re all just so different and fun in their own ways and I try to adapt my sets to fit those settings as best as I can. Festivals are awesome because the crowds are huge and always so up for it. The biggest tracks go down amazingly. Nightclubs are places where I can really let rip and sometimes play a little weirder. I do love doing that!

Where/who do you draw inspiration from for your DJ and producing style?

I don’t think I really get it from any one thing. I’d probably point to experiences in life and music I’ve loved as playing the biggest part in inspiring me. It can come from anywhere though.

You’re coming to the end of an 11-date North American tour. What’s been your favorite show along the way?

All of the shows have been amazing to be honest! My fans have been so fucking fun all the way around the country. Going out there with my mates Henry and Wax has been awesome. I’m definitely excited about what it’s going to be like to get over to the West Coast. If the tour so far is anything to go by people are in for a wild time!

What makes attending a ‘TRASHED’ show different from other DJ shows?

My support DJs and I really cut loose, play the music we love and create an atmosphere like you’re at the wildest house party you’ve ever experienced. The music isn’t just four hours of the same beats. You’ll go on a journey which builds and builds as the night goes on. The complimentary and still unique styles of each of us makes for a really awesome night. A TRASHED show is a night you’ll never forget but are unlikely to be able to remember in full…

What can we expect from your show at Create next Friday night?

What do you think?! Create is going to be f@#king mental! It’s my first show at home in LA for the first time in a while and I’ll be celebrating one of the last club shows on the tour. Things are gonna get crazy. Be prepared for a ton of new music, showers of champagne and a severe hangover the next morning.