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Multifaceted Rapper Theophilus Martins’ Sayers Club Debut

April 20, 2015
Written by: Lil Newman
Editorial Manager, Marketing Manager

“Dawg, I was in ‘Amistad’!” Theophilus Martins raps of his resume on his latest EP “Doing it for Television.” The rapper is referring to his beginnings as an actor in Steven Spielberg’s feature film. From early on, the eclectic young talent has had his hands in many creative mediums: as a producer, he’s worked with everyone from Action Bronson to Chance the Rapper, and as a DJ he’s opened for Drake, Warren G, and others. East Coast born and bred, 22-year-old Martins is now bringing that creativity to California as a solo artist. To make the move official, Martins’ highly anticipated LA debut kicks off at The Sayers Club tomorrow night. Expect to hear a selection of recent hits—and to have a lot of fun. Purchase limited tickets here.

You’re an evolving talent, getting your start as a child actor, then becoming a DJ, and now a solo artist. How has being in different parts of the entertainment industry helped you get to where you are today?
It’s given me confidence to stand as a multifaceted artist. I think overall it took me going on a tour of sorts through the arts to understand my place within artistry and creativity. At one point I would be overwhelmed by the amount of things I enjoyed doing, but I now see that as a reason to redefine the term of being multifaceted.


What’s the most unexpected source that you find inspiration for your lyrics?
Disney movies, particularly the evolution of CGI, etc. “Alice In Wonderland” is one of my favorite films. I get a lot of inspiration from those films.

Do you have favorite lyric you’ve written? What was it about?
There’s a new record I wrote titled, “See You Again” that I’m very much in love with right now. It’ll be out this summer on “Doing It For Television 2.”

You’ve been linked with artists like Drake, Warren G, and Chris Brown. Who else would you love to collaborate with?
I enjoy collaborating with my peers and individuals who share the same fire as I do. My friend Steve Metz is among my favorite producers – our relationship reminds me a lot of that of Jeff Bhakser and Kanye West. He takes my crazy ideas and helps put them in perspective.

What can we expect from your upcoming Sayers show? And what’s next for you?
This will be my debut LA performance, so I’m really excited about performing these new records and connecting with the people. I’ll be debuting my new record alongside my collection by Good Posture this summer. Loads of fun ahead.


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