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Our Interview with The Library DJ and Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy

August 22, 2016
Written by: sbe Editor

James Kennedy is no stranger to the spotlight. The English DJ and producer is also a star on the Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules, gracing the screen with drama, playful antics, and of course, a selection of his music. Lucky for us, we get to see even more of Kennedy every Thursday night at The Library at The Redbury Hollywood, where he recently began a residency. We caught up with him, below:

What can we look forward to during your residency at The Library?
On Thursdays I wanted to create a laid back atmosphere, kind of what you would normally expect in a library, the trick is the music. I start the night off with some cool deep vibes and eventually start mixing in some tech and even top 40 remixes. It’s important for me to play a wide range of music so the people that come on Thursdays will always have something to enjoy.


How would you characterize your sound?
It all depends on when and where I’m spinning, I’ve been producing for about five years now using Ableton. The freedom to make whatever you want makes me very happy—it’s a release like any other artistry.

What are you listening to on repeat?
I don’t listen to things on repeat unless it’s my old favorites like Moby’s “Play” album. There are so many mixes and artists to discover that you can literally be listening to great music all day via Soundcloud or Spotify and never have to repeat yourself.

Best pickup line you’ve heard at 4 am?
It’s getting late, want to go to bed?

You’ve proclaimed yourself ”the white Kanye West,” tell us more…
I’ve always been a massive fan of Kanye, I look up to how he has always believed in himself and was never afraid to tell people that what he does is special. People forget how many hits he has made. When I said I’m the “White Kanye” I get that I was kidding but the more I said it and the more I looked at our similarities through production ideas and the way we speak, I feel like we think alike. So yes, I’m the white Kanye West. For the day I die, I’mma touch the sky.

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