James Bond at the Miami Auto Museum

March 7, 2014
Written by: Foujan Volk
Editorial Director
Photo via Terry O'Neill

Bond. James Bond. Think impressive car collection, an affinity for futuristic gadgets, a seemingly never-ending supply of bad-ass suits, and an uncanny ability to charm the opposite sex.

Although our lifelong dream of being Bond has yet to come true, we headed to the Miami Auto Museum to take a closer look at some of the famous cars, props, and gadgets from the Bond franchise’s 50th anniversary (and Sam Mendes, if you’re reading this, we’re totally available for the next Bond adventure).

Valued at over $15 million and boasting the largest collection of 007 vehicles and memorabilia in the world, the Miami Auto Museum is loaded with nostalgia. We spent a good 20 minutes gawking at the T-55 Soviet tank that was in GoldenEye. So carve out an afternoon and be prepared to get lost in the exhibit. You’ll leave feeling slightly nostalgic and incredibly jealous.