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The Goldberg’s Hayley Orrantia and the Show’s New Roll at Katsuya

September 19, 2016
Written by: Yasha Wallin

To celebrate ABC’s hit show The Goldbergs, premiering September 21st, Katsuya Brentwood came up with a mouthwatering idea: the “Murray Goldberg Roll.” Think high-quality entertainment and delicious sushi rolled into one, conceived in collaboration with the show’s creator Adam F. Goldberg. From now until September 25th, fans can indulge in shrimp, snow crab, avocado, and cucumber topped with lobster tempura, micro greens, eel sauce and spicy mayo, for lunch and dinner.


And to learn more about what makes The Goldbergs so good, we caught up with Hayley Orrantia, who plays Erica Goldberg on the 80s-inspired show. Here, the Texas-born multi-tasker talks food, music and more.

What do you love about being on The Goldbergs?
I love the people I work with, and I love the writing on the show. Everyone on set feels like family and we constantly laugh and play jokes on each other. The writing, in particular, is my favorite because it’s just my kind of humor. It would be a dream to continue working on comedies of this caliber as long as I can. 

As a lover of interior design, if you could create your ideal hotel room, how would it look?
To me, a hotel room should be a comfy get away from your everyday life. My house is in the farmhouse style, so I would switch it up by making a modern chic hotel room. The furniture would have clean lines and mostly be white and silver. I’d have a fun pop of orange in the room like with a lamp or throw pillows, but not too much. And a fluffy white rug, ’cause who doesn’t love that? I’d want it to feel like you arrived at a super luxurious fancy hotel. But knowing me, I’d do all of this on a budget.
You recently got into working out. What’s your workout and food regimen like now? Is sushi on the menu?
I used to constantly eat take out—just to grab something quick—and never realized how it affected my health. Now I try to eat a lot of salmon and cooked vegetables. I mostly make meals at home, so I know exactly what is in the food. As far as working out goes, my biggest challenge is my self-motivation. Because I work so much on The Goldbergs, I try to find time at home to do different routines given to me by my lifestyle coach. She sends me workouts and meal plans. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I’m just happy that I’m finally making a change. 
You grew up in Texas, which is a far cry from Hollywood. What do you miss most about your home state?
I miss grass! I feel like this city, as amazing as it is, lacks so much nature. I miss being in Texas with my friends and just driving through the country with the windows down. Don’t get me wrong; there is so much more to do in LA, but I miss the down to earth people and simplicity of being in Texas. 

Hayley Orrantia 3
You recently released several country songs that you both wrote and recorded independently. What is your songwriting process like? What do you love about making music?
Music is something I have always done. I can’t explain it, but I can’t imagine not doing it. Songwriting came pretty naturally because I have always loved storytelling. I love the challenge of taking a real life experience and putting it to music and making it rhyme. I usually have a concept that I bring to a session with a couple of songwriter friends and we work piece by piece to mold the music around my story. It’s such a reward to see the finished product.  


What can fans look forward to seeing on the show this season?
Erica is going through a lot of personal turmoil this season. Now that Geoff is with Evy, Erica is trying to either distract herself from the thought completely or trying to steal him back. It’s going to be a fun season for my character!

Reserve at Katsuya Brentwood now. If you want even more from The Goldbergs, check out our interview with AJ Michalka, here.