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The Future of Cocktails: Mixology Trends From Our Experts

February 19, 2015
Images by Sean Hastings

For almost as long as Bar Centro by José Andrés has been open, mixologist Conor O’Brien has been at the helm, concocting a brand of killer cocktails for your drinking pleasure. Each inspired drink here is treated with care and creativity—so you end up getting not just a beverage, but an entire experience with your order. This attention is clear, given the creative lengths O’Brien and his staff go through to update classic cocktails, like incorporating a smoker and using liquid nitrogen. Paired with exclusive late night bites like jicama-wrapped guacamole or pa’amb tomaquet, you’ve got the makings of the perfect evening.

To prep you for a night of inspired alcoholic enjoyment, O’Brien tipped us off on what to watch for in Bar Centro‘s future, as well as other 2015 mixology trends:

  • Look out for stirred (not shaken) cocktails and pre-prohibition styles.
  • Venue-specific cocktails, including barrel aged cocktails and unique infusions.
  • Establishments will continue to do more than just sell cocktails; they will create an experience centered around their unique cocktails.
  • There will be an emergence of more small batch, artisanal spirits, notably Mezcals, Gins and Amaros. I particularly look forward to the Fernets and Herbal Liqueurs.
  • Beer culture in L.A. and The Bazaar by José Andrés will step back from all the hoppy-driven IPA’s that have flooded the market and return to the popularity of ales, ambers, and stouts.
  • Patrons will be more willing to try new experiences whether it’s an egg white cocktail such as our amazing Pink Lassie, or a Mezcal and Truffle Salt Air cocktail like the Truffle Noir.
  • With Foie Gras returning on the menu, people will be open to trying anything that pairs well with it, which will give us a unique opportunity to share some of our amazing dry Sherries and Vermouths.