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The 5 Best Burgers in America

May 27, 2016
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Forget Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Christmas even. The holiday we get most excited about is none other than National Burger Day, an annual excuse to dive head first into our most prized juicy menu item. To celebrate this Saturday, May 28, join us at our five favorite spots below to indulge in burger heaven.

Umami Burger
As one of the most coveted burger joints in the US, Umami needs little introduction. Their house-ground, hand-formed patty infused with Umami Master Sauce is the secret to consistently delicious burgers and unexpected patties like the Ahi Tuna Burger. As an exclusive, when you order a burger on May 28 you’ll receive a voucher for a free original “Umami” Burger that you can either keep for yourself or donate the cost of to Meals on Wheels America.


K Ramen. Burger. Beer
If you’re looking for an update on a classic, look no further than K Ramen. Burger. Beer’s Japanese-inspired K Burger. The only thing that could make this half-pound patty with the Chef’s spicy creamy sauce even better, is the side of tater tots or fries that it’s served with.

K Ramen Burger Beer

Minetta Tavern
Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger is one of the best burger blends in New York City. The place itself is worth visiting, with bartenders like characters from an old 40s movie. Since Keith McNally took over in 2008, the burger was added, and people wait three deep for a table on a Friday night. Head over on early on a weeknight to guarantee the best experience.

Photo via foragingperfection.com

Image via foragingperfection.com

Beatrice Inn
This is one of New York’s best kept secrets…shhh! The Beatrice Inn offers a burger upon request which is prepared as a tribute to In-N-Out. Chef Angie Mar has received high praises for her menu, and the burger will exceed your expectations.


Image via Eater.com

The Ainsworth
If you are in the market for a one-of-a-kind experience, The Ainsworth takes first place. They are known for their Mac ‘n Cheese Burger which is both jaw dropping and delicious. Along with this burger, they have recently added a delicious Bang Bang burger to the menu which is a chicken patty with bacon and a sunny side egg on it. Enjoy, burger lovers.

bang bang