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Take a Hike! (In the LA Hills)

April 14, 2014
Written by: Foujan Volk
Editorial Director
Photo Credit: thedietrichdiaries

LA is so much more than a car-cluttered metropolis. And while the city can seem daunting for a visitor, we recommend mastering the hiking trails – you’ll be living like a local in no time. Nestled inside the nooks of our hometown are hills, canyons, and mountains that make for some of the best hiking this side of the Mississippi. Perhaps you need some fresh air to combat Friday night’s rager, or maybe you’re getting bikini-bod ready for daytime lounging at Altitude Pool… Either way, we took care of the dirty work and mapped out our favorite hiking spots in the City of Angels.

Temescal Canyon Park

Craving both ocean and canyon views? This  2.6 to 4 miler is perfect for a pre-brunch hike.

Pro-tip: Still hurting from Saturday night and want more fresh air and less cardio? Skip Ridge Trail and enjoy the relaxing Canyon Trail, a leveled loop at the bottom of the canyon.

Runyon Canyon

Notorious for celebrity sightings, Runyon Canyon is the place to go work up a sweat while enjoying our second favorite pastime, people-watching.

Pro-tip: Borrow a friend’s puppy (practically the whole park is off-leash) and go on a clear day for views from downtown LA all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Griffith Observatory West Trail Loop

Visiting the East end? The Griffith Observatory West Trail Loop, is the only way one should take in the breathtaking view of the Hollywood sign and the LA basin in all of their glory.

Pro-tip: Pack a lunch and picnic at the mouth of the trail (Fern Dell picnic area) for a mid-hike bite!

Solstice Canyon

We have a soft spot for hikes in Malibu.

Pro-tips(s): Feeling adventurous (we normally are)? Find the statue of the Virgin Mary in a nearby grotto. Craving a tougher workout? Follow the switchbacks that’ll lead you to the Rising Sun Trail; the views make it worth the energy. However, be sure to pack your hat and sunscreen as the Rising Sun Trail offers zero shade.

Franklin Canyon Park’s Discovery Trail

Less of a hike and more of a stroll, but a fun little fact: the trail offers views all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Pro-tip: Geek out over Franklin Lake; the three-acre body of water starred in the classic Creature from the Black Lagoon and the “fishing hole” in the 1960’s household staple The Andy Griffith Show.