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Cool Down with Summer’s Hottest Drink

June 23, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Whether you’re lounging poolside or hanging out on a rooftop, we’ve got a great, refreshing summer cocktail to help you cool down. We’ve created an easy step-by-step guide to mixing Katsuya’s delicious Burning Mandarin. Of course, not all of us are master mixologists, so if you’d rather just relax poolside, and let someone else do the heavy lifting, Collins Cocktail Catering will take care all your boozy needs (hot bartenders included).

.5 oz Orange Juice
.5 oz Cranberry juice
.75 oz Lemon juice
.5 oz Simple Syrup
2 slices of Serrano Chili Peppers
1g Sugar
1.5 oz Absolut Mandarin


Step 1: Prep Your Glass
Step 2: Muddle Serrano Peppers

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.15.27 PM
Step 3: Add Vodka

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.16.00 PM
Step 4: Add Lemon Juice

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.16.42 PM
Step 5: Add Cranberry Juice

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.17.19 PM
Step 6: Add Orange Juice

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.17.38 PM (1)
Step 7: Add Simple Syrup

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.18.16 PM
Step 8: Fill it with ice and shake!
Step 9: Pour into a glass, and garnish with a pepper slice

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.19.14 PM

Drink up!

Katsuya Burning Mandarin from sbe on Vimeo.