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Soundcheck: Jason Scoppa’s Indie Mixtape

November 21, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin
Image via by Anthony Mair

When it comes to the latest and greatest live bands, few people are more in the know than Jason Scoppa. As Creator and Curator of The Sayers Club in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Scoppa has presented artists like Bruno Mars, Capital Cities and Tov Lo when they were newcomers and pioneered the popular Thursday night “Sessions”. The unique concept involves top talent (and the occasional celeb guest) performing much loved cover songs in the intimate venues. Scoppa’s ear is always to the ground, which is why we tapped him to tell us what he’s listening to and loving these days. His playlist runs deep (included below), but for him, it all boils down to this artist right now:

I’m currently listening to the latest Young the Giant album “Mind Over Matter” a lot. They played a Timberland event last month. I have known the front man Sameer Gadhia for years now. He was a regular on my Sessions show at my previous venue [Hollywood’s Bardot].

Those were the earlier days of The Sessions. I recall Sameer asking me if his band could sit in and do a few of their originals. That was the first band I let do that on the Session. They played “My Body” which became their first hit. We were super lucky to experience that early moment. They are an incredible group of people and deserve all of their success!

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