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Vegas Just Got Brighter: the New SLS Marquee & Grand Opening August 23rd

June 17, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Las Vegas just got a little brighter. Today, SLS Las Vegas‘ new 10,000-square-foot video marquee was unveiled, lighting up the north end with over 7,000 LED modules. With enough glitz and glamour to be deemed a Vegas landmark, this beacon of light is the Strip’s newest not-to-be-missed attraction. (At approximately 88 feet high x 47 feet wide, you couldn’t miss it if you tried!) The massive 4-sided structure is just a sign of the SLS’s bright future when it officially opens—ahead of schedule!—at 12:01am on August 23. We’ll make sure you remember this exciting date as we countdown to it on the marquee.

In total, SLS Las Vegas will have 16 different Daktronics LED video displays, boasting 23,731,776 LEDs. That means, if stacked end-to end, the LEDs would reach the Mesosphere –  which is the equivalent of stacking Mount Everest on top of itself 8.5 times. If that math is hard to wrap your head around, don’t worry – you’ll understand once you see it for yourself.

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