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#sbeStyle for Summer: An Interview with Designer Marrin Costello

August 11, 2016
Written by: sbe Editor
Images by Andrea Posadas

With summer in full swing, we turned to our favorite jewelry designer to teach us a thing or two about styling for the season. Marrin Costello creates handcrafted pieces out of Los Angeles ranging from rings to earrings, and our favorite, a waterproof line, perfect for lounging by the pool. Here, we caught up with the coveted designer to talk about the best summer looks and how to wear them.

What are the rules for wearing jewelry to the beach or pool? How much is too much?
When it comes to layering, I fully believe in Iris Apfel’s iconic quote, “More is more.” Not only do I encourage my clients to layer their jewels, but I also practice this mantra on a daily basis. I have personally worn the same six earrings, four necklaces and three anklets from the collection for the last three months – and they look brand-spanking-new.

If we could only wear one item with our bikinis what would it be?
A belly chain. Hands down. Why? Because said chain can also be worn as a long necklace, or wrapped multiple times to transform into a choker, bracelet, or anklet. When purchasing anything for myself, I always look at the versatility factor. If a piece is multi-functional, it’s a no brainer. I also use this rule of thumb when designing jewelry.

When is it best to wear gold and when is it best to wear silver?
The rules are…there are no rules. The concept of mixing metals has transcended seasons, transforming from a time-sensitive trend to a styling tool that has no expiration date. Not only do I encourage all of my clients to mix metals and layer their jewelry, but that is also how I design each collection and wear the pieces myself. Within the brand at large, the jewelry styles range from dainty to statement – all meant to coordinate, layer, mix and match.

What are your summer accessory essentials?
All the necklaces and all the anklets. The designs that have been living around my neck and ankles all summer are: the Queens Necklace, Mom + Dot Choker, Dahlia Lariat, Triple Dot Choker, Callie Anklet, and Queens Anklet. These pieces have essentially become second skin, and are the foundation to anything else that I choose to add to my layering “story.”


Talk to us about this amazing waterproof collection…
Our summer line is called the #SIRENCOLLECTION. Comprised of layering chains for every limb, each piece in the collection is, of course, non-tarnish, versatile, and waterproof. Inspired by femininity and summer romance, this collection is perfect for adding sparkle and sophistication to any summer outfit – bikini, romper, caftan, distressed denim shorts, you name it.

What are the most interesting jewelry trends you see right now?
What jewelry trends do I see the most at this very moment? Chokers and anklets. However, I find that one of the most interesting moments in contemporary fashion is the celebration of personal style. More exciting to me than what is “in season” or “on the runway” is the expression of individuality through fashion. When designing jewelry, I focus on quality construction and how the designs work together when layered. This focus on style has enabled the MC brand to transcend trend and time.

How much jewelry can men get away with?
The same layering rules go for men as they do for women. If one of my clients (male or female) is new to layering jewelry, I always start with simple and minimal piece, and build off of that. By adding pieces over time, it turns the layering process from being intimidating to a fun and creative exercise.