#sbestyle: 5 Non-Costume Costumes to Wear this Halloween

October 27, 2015
Written by: Aneesha Dubois
Wildfox Public Relations Manager
Images via Wildfox

We get it. It’s not easy coming up with the perfect costume idea. But playing dress-up is something we can always get down with. We’ve consulted with our #sbestyle-expert, Aneesha Dubois over at Wildfox to provide her top picks for getting festive this Halloween sans [official] costume.

1. Easy Costume Baggy Beach Jumper

Plain and simple. And perfect for celebrating Halloween under-the-radar. I’d wear this top with denim and a pair of converses. The long-sleeves are perfect should you have to chaperone a trick-or-treater. 


2. Guess What I Am Cuddles Cat Hoodie 

There’s no guessing when it comes to this non-costume, costume. If headed to a Halloween party, pair this hoodie to items already in your closet (black sheer stockings or black tights). And if the text and pointed ears doesn’t speak for itself, add a furry tail.


3. Inside Out Grunge Maxi 

I love this dress as a non-costume, costume. You can get really creative with what top you choose to wear underneath and because the sides clip, you can get creative with your footwear too! This is your way to create your own costume. 


4. Just Here for the Boos Baggy Beach Jumper 

Let your purpose be known in this jumper. This is another piece that makes for a casual Halloween. Because of the sweatshirt feel, I’d pair this top with cut-offs and patent leather, pointed-toe flats to add personal style to the occasion.


5. Full Stomach Baggy Beach Jumper 

We can easily say Halloween is the start of holiday-season-binge-eating. This baggy beach jumper proves there’s no guilt indulging in pizza, candy corn and chocolates all night and into the next day. I’d pair this jumper with a pair of light blue boyfriend jeans and high-top Vans in white. 



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