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#sbeFIT: Hangover Yoga

June 4, 2015
Written by: Mussarat Bata
Contributor, Social Media Manager

What happens when fitness meets sbe? A wellness revolution! We’ve teamed up with Equinox to bring you sbeFIT, a series of wellness events all over Los Angeles that will have you beach ready in no time.

First up, a custom yoga sequence by Equinox Fitness Specialist Frances Flores guaranteed to breathe, twist and release your hangover away. Your Namast’ay in bed days are officially a thing of the past.

You’ve been in the fitness industry for over 5 years and teach so many different classes, what’s your go-to?

Yoga’s always been my first love. That’s what keeps me centered and it makes me stronger to do all of the other workouts, it builds the perfect foundation.

What’s the biggest misconception about yoga?

That it’s easy? Haha. People think because you’re not running or hiking up a hill or doing anything “intense” that it’s not beneficial for your body when in fact you’re doing so many other things while you’re moving. You’re detoxifying your organs, you’re focusing on your breathing…that helps calm the mind and keeps that peace within you take with you when you step off your mat and into your everyday life.

Speaking of everyday life, let’s talk about yoga for hangovers…

You really need to detoxify your body from the inside out so we’re going to do some twisting.

First, downward facing dog with a gentle twist followed by a low lunge with a twist as well…the twist gets into your internal organs so it detoxifies your liver (and anything else that might be there…)

Then reverse triangle (with straight legs) and a twist from the waist…your first twists in downward facing dog and low lunge are a bit gentler so they really set you up for the more intense twisting in reverse triangle.

Finally, end the sequence with a pigeon pose. When you’re out and about you’re walking…you’re dancing…you have to stretch out your hips too so pigeon pose is perfect for external and internal rotation.