sbe New Year: Our 2015 Resolutions

January 2, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin
Image via Confetti System

Happy New Year! To start the year off right, we asked our sbe family what resolutions they have and compiled their answers below for a little 2015 inspiration. Judging by what they’ve come up with, it’s going to be a great year at sbe with lots of food, family and fun!

New Year, New Chapter! Time to enjoy our friends and family, and focus on what’s important in life!
Sam Bakhshandehpour, Chief Executive Officer

Meditate (myself) and motivate (others) on a daily basis.
Lauren Levin, VP Integrated Marketing

To stop biting my nails and throw away all of my wire hangers.
Bryan Terzi, Area Director of Marketing

Save money, commit to yoga, and travel to someplace I have never been before!
Ashley Newman, EA to Arash Azarbarzin, President, sbe Hotel Group

My New Year’s resolution is to not eat pizza, or less pizza, or maybe just veggie pizza. Never mind, I love pizza. Cheers to 2015!
Lauren Roxborough, Integrated Marketing Manager

To grow my hair as long as Rox’s, and my nails as long as Natalie Fletes’.
Brittany Mathieu, PR Manager

I would like to drink more water and eat even more red meat.
Natalie Fletes, EA to Costas Charalambous

My resolution is to show everyone the amazing creativity and passion that sbe chefs create each and every day—aka, make our chefs the rock stars they are!
Gio Prada, Integrated Marketing Manager