Sayers SeSSionS Feature: Stevie Brock

May 14, 2015
Written by: Lil Newman
Editorial Manager, Marketing Manager
Images taken by Chase McCurdy

The Sayers Club is not only a hot spot in Hollywood for celebrities and musicians to drop in for surprise performances, but has become known for what creator and curator, Jason Scoppa, calls “the world’s best house band” – SeSSionS. These Thursday night sets presented by iHome feature top-notch, emerging musical talent performing acclaimed cover songs.

Read on to meet SeSSionS singer, Stevie Brock, and hear about the most memorable night of his life – which coincidentally (or not) took place at The Sayers Club!

When did you start singing? What inspired you?

I was born with an intense passion for singing and entertaining. I was singing before I was talking. My grandfather is a Hall of Fame bluegrass musician, so I was brought up singing to his guitar playing around the house whenever I was with him. When I was 10, I randomly met the manager of a girl group who introduced me to Johnny Wright (Justin Timberlake/*NSYNC/Backstreet Boys/Britney Spears) and I signed with his independent label and released my first album when I was 12 and toured for a few years after.

You were born and raised in Ohio. How did you make your way to LA and become part of the SeSSionS Band?

I moved to LA when I was 19 after working with Timbaland and then David Banner and not being able to make those situations work while living in Ohio. Shortly after I turned 21, a friend of mine sent a live video of me singing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” to a friend of a promoter at The Sayers Club, who then sent it to the promoter, who then sent it to Jason Scoppa. I’ve been doing SeSSionS nearly every Thursday in Hollywood since, and every weekend in Las Vegas since the opening of SLS Las Vegas.

Most memorable night you’ve played at Sayers with The SeSSionS Band?

About six months after I started doing SeSSionS, I got a call from Scoppa on a random Saturday afternoon asking if I could be at Sayers at 9pm that night with an all black suit on. He wouldn’t tell me what the event was, so I was very curious as to who or what it was for. Once I got to the club, one of the servers asked me if I was excited. I said, “I don’t even know what this is for.” She said, “It’s Stevie Wonder’s birthday.” I said “Don’t f*** with me!” She wasn’t. Considering he’s my all-time favorite artist, I was on Cloud 9. I performed 10 feet in front of him and he told me I was great. I also stood behind the keyboard while he played hit after hit and did an 8-minute harmonica solo over “My Cherie Amor”. That’s the most memorable night of my life, not just for Sayers. It was also amazing to perform “Debra” by Beck in front of Prince and watch him stand up and clap for me.

Favorite song to perform?

Even though I’ve performed it easily more than 80 times with the SeSSionS band, I never get tired of “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson. There’s something about the energy in that song that makes every performance feel like I’m doing it for the first time.

Dream collaboration?

Hate to be redundant, but I have to say Stevie Wonder or Prince. They’re my biggest musical inspirations and the admiration and respect I have for them would definitely make for an interesting dynamic on a collaborative effort with either one.


Since the opening of SLS Las Vegas last August, Scoppa has taken the SeSSionS band on the road to Vegas for weekend performances at The Sayers Club Vegas as well. Check out the calendar for upcoming ‘Sayers SeSSionS’ and shows at The Sayers Club Hollywood and The Sayers Club Las Vegas!