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Catching up with Mr. Belding to Celebrate “Saved by the XIV”

November 22, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Tomorrow, sbe is bringing Saved by the Bell back for one night only for XIV VEGAS SESSIONS: SAVED BY THE XIV. Hosted by Mr. Belding and Screech, two of the show’s stars, it’ll be a raucous night down memory lane. We caught up with Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding for a sneak peak of the festivities, and for the insiders scoop on life after the hit series.

What’s one thing most Saved by the Bell fans don’t know about you?
Honestly, after 25 years, they know pretty much everything they need to!

What was your favorite thing about doing Saved by the Bell?
In the beginning, watching it grow and become the show it would eventually be.

Do the two of you have a memorable scene you were in together?
It’s not one specific scene but while doing The New Class, we became a comedy team and got to wherever could finish each other’s sentences.

What was the best thing about the 80s? 90s?
It was still innocent. None of the social media or shows like TMZ were around. The tone changed after that.

How much do you keep in touch with your former cast members?
Most have gone on to many other shows and have families of their own. I have stayed in touch with Mario [Lopez] the most.

What projects are you currently working on?
A Million Ways to Die in the West is out on DVD and I just completed working on The New Girl on Fox.

What can we look forward to at the Saved by the Bell XIV party?
For me, it’s what I get to look forward to. And that is many of the fans who will be attending this party grew up with our show and show us a whole lot of love and respect because it really mattered to them and touched them. I do my best to give that back to them as well.

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