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¡Salud! Tapas on the Terrace

June 17, 2014
Written by: sbe Editor

What’s not to love about tapas? They’re savory, delicious, and tiny so you can indulge in a variety of flavors without getting too full. Another bonus, they’re almost always accompanied with an adult beverage. The word “tapas” translates to “cover” and originated in the south of Spain where taverns used to place a tiny plate of ham, olives or bread on top of your drink. These small servings were also designed to encourage conversation as people were not as focused on eating a full meal, but rather taking small bites and engaging in banter.


Thankfully, this tradition continues today, and is alive and well at SLS Beverly Hills where “Tapas on the Terrace” kicks off every Monday through Thursday, 5-7pm with $8 signature bites and beverages. Plus, the $12 endless Sangria is a great excuse to leave work early and make it a night of Spanish cultural infusion.  By 7pm you’ll feel more like you’re in Barcelona than Beverly Hills. Remember, in Spain it’s tradition to look people in the eye when you raise your glass. Salud!

Extra Bonus: Cheers with these Cocktails at your Casa  

Terrace Treat
2oz Bacardi Oakheart
1oz Lime juice
3/4oz Simple syrup
Vigorously shake and serve up in a martini glass. Garnish with a lime wedge
Jose’s Palmer

2oz Absolute Wild Tea
1oz Lemon juice
3/4oz Simple syrup
2oz Club Soda
1/2oz Chambord floated on top
Pour ingredients in order into a Collins glass garnish with a lemon wheel​