Role Call: Meet SLS Brickell’s Creative & Charismatic, Florencia Gariboldi

June 14, 2016
Written by: Tiffany Mikail
Senior Marketing Manager

As a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, we wonder how we were so lucky to be joined by the amazing Florencia Gariboldi, the new General Manager of SLS Hotel & Residences Brickell. Realizing that she found her calling with sbe, she made her way to South Beach where she was the fearless General Manager of SLS South Beach. Prior to joining us at sbe, Florencia, or “Flo” as we call her, had gained over 17 years experience in luxury hospitality. To say we were thrilled to have her would be a grave understatement. Follow along as we go inside the mind of SLS Brickell’s creative and charismatic, Florencia Gariboldi:

  • What do you love most about the new SLS Hotel & Residences Brickell?
    I absolutely love the uniqueness of this property! While I have seen renderings and floor plans so far, my imagination runs wild every time I visit the construction site. I can already picture a very unique approach, a superb style and design elements that separate us from any other property in the area. SLS Hotel & Residences Brickell is sbe’s first venture at providing an engaging dynamic experience to hotel guests and residence owners—who we expect will both fall madly in love with us!
  • You’re a hospitality veteran. At this point, what have you learned to be the key ingredients in creating a happy guest experience?
    I believe one of the most important ingredients to promote a happy guest experience is to create an emotional connection with every guest. One of my priorities has always been to assemble the most amazing group of individuals, “A” players, passionate employees that take pride in providing an engaging experience. Employees that have an intense commitment to do whatever it takes to excel and to show our guests a fantastic time.
  • In your opinion, what makes a hotel exceptional?
    Impeccable service and attention to detail!
  • You’re from Buenos Aires originally – have you found anywhere in Miami that reminds you of home?
    Before SLS Brickell, I was not very familiar with the area. A couple of weeks after I moved my office I found this tiny gelato place – same brand as we have in Buenos Aires – the dulce de leche temptation is superb! – I have a feeling that by the opening date I will have gained several pounds….
  • What do you love about Miami?
    What can I say…the weather, the people, the culture. There is so much diversity! It’s a great city and it has amazing things to offer. I have been here for the last 17 years and it’s certainly my place in the world!
  • Where can we find you when you’re not at work?
    Discovering new restaurants, doing some kind of outdoor activity, relaxing at the beach or hanging out with friends.
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at sbe?
    sbe is a company that is true to their culture, promotes having fun and making friends while at work. It also provides an incredibly fun and productive work environment that fosters teams to be passionate about what they do. When we let employees be themselves, we get the best out of them!