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Role Call: Meet Our PR Manager

July 11, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

What better way to learn more about sbe’s hotels, restaurants, and nightlife properties than to get to know the team behind them? In our ongoing series “Role Call” we go behind the scenes to introduce you to the colorful crew that makes up the sbe family. Today we meet PR manager Brittany Mathieu, who we challenged last month to wear a different romper to the office every day. More shocking than her agreeing to the challenge, was that she had enough rompers in her closet for 30-days of outfits. Unsurprisingly, playful antics like this have earned her the coveted title “Person You’d Most Want to Go to Vegas with” by her colleagues.


Your Role:

PR Manager for Hotels, Restaurants and Nightlife at sbe Corporate.

How you got here:

Five years ago, I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan. Somewhere along the way was lucky enough to stumble into the perfect job. Basically, a little luck and an impulse move from Virginia to LA, gone right.

Favorite article of clothing:

It’s all about ROMPERS for me. Dark rompers, light rompers. Rompers in the morning, rompers in the evening. Patterned rompers, textured rompers. Pool rompers and cocktail rompers. Rompers to brunch, rompers running errands, and my personal favorite – out-on-the-town rompers.

Why you love your job:

Nobody is supposed to like their job as much as I do. I’ve been lucky enough to work on several openings, witness all kinds of partnerships, and experience countless special moments during my time working and playing at sbe. Some highlights include: watching the Kings win the Stanley Cup from Hyde Staples Center, the New Year’s Eve Grand Opening of Hyde Bellagio, MA$E and Dirt Nasty performances at Greystone, and the Sayers Sundance pop-up with Capital Cities.

Another huge reason I love my job is the added bonus of working with an interesting and hilarious bunch. My boss does a nearly perfect impression of the Griswald family from Christmas Vacation. An unnamed nightlife marketing guy howls at the moon on command. A certain set of sisters do the best Pee Wee Herman dance I’ve ever seen. And the entire Integrated Marketing team challenged me to wear rompers every day in the month of June (challenge obviously accepted and dominated). This is the most loveable gang I could possibly imagine and there is never, ever a dull moment at sbe. What more could a girl ask for?