Robert Vetica and Salma Hayek’s SLS Beverly Hills Reunion

November 14, 2014
Written by: Mussarat Bata
Contributor, Social Media Manager

Behind every great leading lady is a great hairstylist, and SLS Beverly Hills’ very own Robert Vetica has been the stylist extraordinaire behind Hollywood powerhouse Salma Hayek for over 20 years. The two have shared photo shoots, red carpets and even weddings over the course of their 2-decade friendship. Coincidentally, photos from their iconic Matthew Rolston editorial shoot are housed on the salon’s floor of the hotel as larger-than-life light boxes. Hayek and Vetica recently reunited at Robert Vetica Salon at SLS Beverly Hills for an in-depth interview with The Hollywood Reporter and we sat down with the celeb stylist/guru to talk all things Hollywood, hair and more.

On the great photo coincidence:

 When I first saw the light box pictures I couldn’t believe that they happened to be on the same floor as my salon at the hotel…I texted Salma photos of them and said “Guess what’s on the same floor as my salon?” 

 On Salma’s reaction:

 The first thing she said was “Oh my god my daughter has to see me in my underwear!” because she’s funny like that. I can’t imagine what it’s like to see yourself that big so many years later…Salma lives in the present. 

 On working with Matthew Rolston:

 It was a game changer for me professionally in this town. We used to call Matthew a navy seal…if you could work with him you could work with anyone. He was so kind, but he ran a tight ship. He could see a hair that you needed a microscope to see or a curve on an eyelash. 

 On having Salma Hayek in his wedding party:

She was my maid of honor! She’s like my sister from another mother. She actually wanted to have our wedding at her house in LA. It was last minute, it was on a Friday and it happened in like 2 days…I didn’t even invite my real family members.  She’s my sister, she’s my friend. She’d be there for me for anything. 

Watch the full interview filmed at Robert Vetica Salon at SLS Beverly Hills.