Robert Vetica’s Red Carpet Beauty Breakdown: Cate Blanchett at The Golden Globes

January 11, 2016
Written by: Lil Newman
Editorial Manager, Marketing Manager

Award season is officially underway! And what better way to welcome it back than with our resident beauty expert, Robert Vetica providing a beauty breakdown? Vetica had the pleasure of creating one of the hottest hairstyles to walk that famous red carpet for Cate Blanchett, the Golden Globe nominee for best actress in a motion picture drama for her role in Carol.

Here he shares with us his inspiration and steps to creating this swooned over look.


This look is super chic! Everything about Cate’s whole look screams ‘Modern Glamour” to me! The trend in red carpet hair right now is this “undone” type of glamour.  So there’s a mix of that, with it also being styled and having a specific direction. There’s something very vintage and retro about the dress, so to play off of that, I made sure that the hair had a little bit of texture and realness to it, while still being very red carpet appropriate. It’s very cool, hip and current, and Cate tends to really blaze her own trail in beauty and fashion. I think tonight’s look perfectly reflects that.

Products and steps to master this look:

Philip Kingsley’s Maximizer Spray: This maximizer leaves hair shiny and manageable and gives hair a nice bounce. I sectioned off the hair and spritzed it from root to tip, but applied it more concentrated on the roots.

GHD’s paddle brush: This is incredible for everyday brushing and for pre-blowouts with detangling if your hair is already in really healthy shape. From the hair line, all the way down to the ends, I did continuous strokes until hair was straight and the maximizer was evenly distributed throughout.

GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer: This dryer is very lightweight and easy to use. It may feel more lightweight because it dries hair so much faster, more so than normal dryers, 15 minutes total versus a sometimes 30 minutes blow dry.

GHD’s Ceramic Vented Radial Brush – Size 2 (35mm barrel):  The first time I wrap the hair around the brush, I don’t go all the way to the ends—I start with the roots, then mid shaft, and then the ends. When pulling the brush through my hair, I’m always doing it in an upwards motion—that way, you get a little bit of texture and volume. If you’re pulling it straight down, you’re losing volume and curl. Then I basically worked my way all around the head in tiers—the bottom and then the next row and the next row above that. Once I get to the crown, I’m left with the crown area and the front, like U-shape and now I’m really focusing on volume—you want the top section to have the most volume, so be sure to dry it in an upwards motion.

Philip Kingsley’s Minimizer: Before straightening, I apply to the ends to eliminate any fly-aways. Hair feels silky, smooth, and controllable. A little goes a long way.

GHD’s Platinum Flat Iron: Start going over the whole head in the same fashion that I blow dried it, working from bottom to top, and if you’re doing this at home and have too many layers, you could add a few hair extensions for length around eye level of the head to add to the shape.

I then began the deep part that was exaggerated to one side of her head, with everything else I just brushed down in the back. From the part off to the right side from behind the right ear, I began a pretty loose but firm braid, remembering that I would loosen it once my look once complete. I then continued this braid around the back and then just below her right ear, I’m left with the section of hair in front of the right ear. Taking that whole section, I connected the braid from the back with this and then this is where is starts to create that undone crescent shape in the back of the head. Remember I’m not concerned with the perfection of it, I just want to have in the end a beautifully textured hair and shape once it’s complete. I tied off the braid with a clear elastic band, then I roll the hair from underneath in the back and begin pinning, pin as you roll the braid into the nape of the hair, and along the more exaggerated side of the scalp, continue to keep it tight as you’ll loosen at the very end. The hair is this loose but done exaggerated side part, with a low loose braid around the back that has certain ends exposed and peeking out, very romantic.

Philip Kingsley’s Texturizer: To add that fashionable “whispie” appearance, and giving the hair a solid but not overdone amount of texture. Loosen certain pieces where needed around the face, but don’t pull too much, think ethereal, not piece-y.

Philip Kingsley Weather Proof Hair: Secure final looks with additional bobby pins and then set with this spray all over. Then apply a concentrated amount to a fine-toothedboar bristle brush, and smooth over any “flyaways” from around the face.

Stay tuned throughout award season as Robert continues to breakdown the best hairstyles and fashion to hit the award season carpets!