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Pizza My Heart: Your Cheesiest Valentine’s Day Ever

February 3, 2015

Everybody loves pizza, and everybody loves love. That’s why we’re celebrating them both with plenty of time to prep to have your very own Valentine’s Day pizza extravaganza. To do this, we tapped Anthony Carron, creator and founder of 800 Degrees. Below, Carron shares his pizza making tips and tricks to ensure this will be your cheesiest Valentine’s Day yet.

  • Toppings: Customize your pizza any way you want but always use fresh ingredients for the best tasting pie! Fresh oregano or Calabrian chiles are a great addition for more flavor or heat.
  • Cheese! The secret is great cheese. Look for cultured, full-fat mozzarella. A smoked mozzarella or caccio cavalo—an Italian provolone—would add more flavor and depth to the pizza.
  • Turn Up the Heat: We bake our pies at 800 degrees, which isn’t an option for most home ovens, but baking at the highest possible temps (usually 550 degrees) creates that perfect crisp with soft inside.
  • Ditch the Rolling Pin: Hand tossed and stretched dough works best. Rolling pins actually end up agitating the gluten in the dough, which make it retract when you roll out.
  • Share the love! Host a pizza party with friends, family, or that special someone!