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Vintage Meets Modern with Philippe Starck and Gensler Architect’s SLS Las Vegas Collaboration

August 13, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Vintage meets modern with the dynamic design collaboration of creative icon Philippe Starck and global architects Gensler, for SLS Las Vegas. Today their groundbreaking aesthetic vision for the mixed use resort and casino have been revealed and include smart and sophisticated details with a little French flair throughout. “The brilliance of Starck and Gensler lies in their ability to view design through a truly original lens and create an aesthetic that connects to an authentic story,” says sbe’s Sam Nazarian, who worked closely with the collaborators on the design.

This will be Starck and Gensler’s third incarnation of the luxury hotel chain SLS. But the Vegas space—the first new property to open on the strip in three years—won’t replicate what’s been done in the past: “The difference with Las Vegas is the dimension, the power of Las Vegas, the energy. This you cannot replace,” Starck told USA TODAY in an exclusive interview about SLS. “Las Vegas is Las Vegas, you like it or you hate it.” Further, as sbe’s customer and company profile evolve, so do the properties, and the vision for Vegas will emulate this.

In addition to housing sbe restaurants and nightlife venues Katsuya, Cleo, Bazaar Meat, LiFE and more, the 1,622 guest rooms and suites at SLS will be divided amongst three towers: the LUX, World and Story Towers, each with distinct design elements, catering to a unique demographic.

But don’t take our word for it. Get your sneak peek here and join us to check out this innovative design concept yourself, when SLS Las Vegas officially opens August 23. See you on the Strip!