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How to Party Proper with DJ Chuckie

March 31, 2015
Written by: Mussarat Bata
Contributor, Social Media Manager

Things you can do in 6 hours:

  1. Fly from LAX to JFK.
  2. Complete a Triathlon.
  3. Play an all-night set at Create Nightclub.

Well, only the last one applies to Dirty Dutch DJ / Producer extraordinaire Chuckie. We caught up with him before he kicks off his 3-show residency this Friday, April 3rd at Create Nightclub – where he’ll be spinning for 6 hours straight – to find out what it really takes to party like a pro.


6 hours is no joke – how do you prep for such a long set? 

I actually rest and eat good before a long set. Next to that I buy a lot of new music just to try out new sounds and tracks in my sets. I like to keep it fresh when I play out!

Any go-to tracks to get the party started? 

I like to keep it groovy with some nice vocals preferably. One of the tracks I always play is Gorgon City – Ready For Your Love. It always does the trick!

Speaking of tricks, do you have any to keep yourself or the crowd going? 

I try to become one with a room as much as possible. In my world that means that I end up doing a couple shots of tequila.

Any party essentials? 

I always have my vapor with me. Blowing a nice cloud while I DJ out is definitely my thing!!!  


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