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On the Rocks with The Glenlivet’s Scotch Master

March 19, 2015
Written by: Lil Newman
Editorial Manager, Marketing Manager

Not all Scotches are created equal. From single malts to grain blends — the options are endless. Thankfully we’ve got expert tips from The Glenlivet’s official Ambassador and Master of Scotch, Rick Edwards, to break down the basics for us. Follow his advice and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a #ScotchMaster too!

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The difference between single malt Whisky (The Glenlivet), and blended Whiskies:

  • A single malt is a whisky made from 100% malted barley at a single distillery. A blend is a combination of both grain whisky and malt whisky (anywhere from 3 to 7 different types of grains blended with 15 to 50 different single malts)

The proper steps to tasting Scotch:

  1. Taste it with your eyes, nose and palate. Look at color and viscosity, smell the aromas (because we smell more than we can taste) add a splash of water, about 1cl. (equal to a bottle cap full of water)
  2. Take a small sip that you can hold for 8-10 seconds in the front of your palate.
  3. Breathe in through your nose, swallow, and exhale through your mouth. (This allows your olfactory epithelium to resonate the aromas from your mid palate.)
  4. Enjoy the finish and repeat as necessary.

Foods that pair well with it:

  • Variety of cheeses, dried fruit, mixed nuts. Marmalade & honey citrus.

Scotch lingo to know:

  • In Scotland it is simply called Whisky with no ‘E’, Slainte Mhath (va)  means “to your health” and always pronounce the ‘THE’ in The Glenlivet.