Nothing is Impossible… Except Our Latest Creation at Umami Burger

June 1, 2017
Written by: sbe Editor

The burger formerly known as plants is finally here at Umami Burger. Introducing The Impossible Burger.

We collaborated with Impossible Foods, the creators of the plant-based patty that “bleeds,” to create an unbelievably delicious burger that also has sustainability benefits! That’s because it looks, cooks, smells and most importantly tastes like a meaty awesome burger should, but it’s made from plants.


So how does a plant-based burger ‘bleed’? Glad you asked. The patty is made from plant proteins, binds, fats and flavorings—most importantly heme. Heme is the same molecule that carries oxygen in your blood and makes it red, but it’s also found in every living thing, even plants. It’s the key ingredient that makes The Impossible Burger extra meaty. For more, check out the short video from Impossible Foods:


How does it taste? We’ll let Kristen Bell answer that:

@kristenanniebell: I was incredibly excited @umamiburger started carrying the @impossiblefoods #impossibleburger – had it yesterday and it did NOT disappoint! #yummy


The Impossible Burger comes with two patties, caramelized onions, American cheese, house spread, miso-mustard, dill pickles, lettuce and tomato. While our standard preparation isn’t vegetarian, it’s easy to order it that way. Just ask your Umami Burger server to help. We can even create a version for vegans — just ask!

Available exclusively these nine LA and OC locations: Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, Broadway, Arts District, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Pasadena, and Thousand Oaks.