Night Life Etiquette: How to Kill it at the Club

November 6, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Nightclub etiquette has existed since the institution was established, playing an important role in social status and courting. The game may have changed in a time where twerking rules, and bottle service reigns supreme, but being courteous at the club remains important so everyone has a great time. As you prep for a great weekend ahead, here are a few pointers to know your way around the club and the dance floor.

Dress to Impress
When getting into the club, you are how you dress. Bouncers (and members of the opposite sex for that matter) will take one look at you before coming to a snap judgement on whether you’re in or out. Upscale attire is always a must, which means sneakers and jeans are no-nos.

Plan Ahead
There are always ways to get around the cue and slip through to VIP status. For the men, try to befriend a bevy of beautiful ladies to get in with them, or easier—join The CODE which lets you skip the line on Las Vegas industry nights at LiFE, Foxtail  and The Sayers Club. If you’ve booked tickets and a table in advance, even better, as you’ll have plenty more perks waiting once you’re in.

This Is Not a Photoshoot
Even if you’re an Instagram guru, your 3,000 Facebook friends hang on every snap, or Kanye follows you on Twitter, phone calls, photos and status updates should be avoided on the dance floor. A couple of quick pics with your friends are fine to remember the night, but then carry on so as not to kill the vibe.

Keep It Moving, Moving
The dance floor is for dancing. That might seem obvious, but if you ain’t shaking, step aside and let someone else do their thing.

How Low Can You Go?
Dance like nobody’s watching, enthusiasm is infectious. Find the line between uninhibited dancing while letting the people around you have space to do their thing too.

Be Gratuitous
Remember that the lovely men and women serving up your killer cocktails and checking in your coat do this for a living. It’s always nice to leave a tip, and even nicer to leave a generous one if you’ve experienced great service.

Do Not Disturb the DJ
Unless you’ve personally hired the DJ, let them do their thing. Harassing the DJ is one of the biggest dance floor no-no’s. Plus, you don’t want to experience the wrath of Tommy Trash, do you?

Respect Rules
Aggressive behavior is never a good look. If you’re a dude do not impose yourself on groups of women. Exercising restraint and some cool moves are far more attractive ways to get a girl’s attention. And for the ladies, take it slow, don’t immediately go ass up on the first guy you see.


Have Fun
The most important tip to remember!