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New York’s Five Undisputed Best Pizza Slices

October 21, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin

A good piece of cheese pizza is as synonymous with New York City as the Empire State Building or Times Square. The dish is so integral to the city, there’s even the humorous but accurate “law”—The Pizza Principle—that states that the price of an NYC slice will always correlate with the price of a subway ride (today, that’s around $2.75).

It’s no surprise then that when it comes to finding a good slice in the Big Apple, the possibilities are endless. Discerning who makes the very best piece of pizza is a whole different story and the topic of endless discussion. There are, however, a few that the experts—including ourselves!—agree upon. Behold: the five best slices in New York.

No, we are not trying to toot our own horn, Marta is consistently written up as one of the top casual dining pizza spots in the city. Its signature cracker thin crust and well crafted topping combinations are constantly reworked – leaving only a few of the originals on the menu. Be sure to taste one OG and one seasonal pie. The Funghi and the Patate Carbonara are among the most popular! Take a peek at the full menu HERE.

 Marta finished pizza

Di Fara
It’s a trek to get there and at $5 a slice, on the pricey side. But trust us, one bite of any one of Di Fara’s pies and you’ll see it’s well worth your time and money. Rated #1 by Zagat’s eight years in a row, their pizza has been described as colorfully as “transcendent” and “like they dug up my grandma, and she made the pie.” Be prepared for long wait times, but a very satisfied belly.

di fara2

Joe’s on Carmine
Joe Pasquale and his hardworking chefs make uncomplicated, classic slices with thin crusts and killer, bold sauces. Try any one of their plain cheese, mozzarella, or Sicilian square slices and you will not be disappointed. This tiny eatery is so popular, and they’re always churning out new pies. That means you’re guaranteed a fresh piece of piping hot, cheesy deliciousness.


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Luigi’s Pizza
Over 40 years ago Luigi came to New York from Italy with a dream to make the best pizza in the city. Today, that dream lives on in his cozy Park Slope spot, which has won several awards and was even featured in Adam Sandler’s movie “Big Daddy.” The owner Gio makes an incredible slice, with different sauces for every type of pie, which is an anomaly in the pizza world.


Since 1933, Patsy’s has been an institution for churning out consistently drool-worthy Neapolitan style pizza. This Harlem eatery has hosted everyone from Frank Sinatra to Francis Ford Coppola, who used the restaurant’s ambiance as inspiration for his film The Godfather. But more than a great vibe, Patsy’s slice is made complete with crisped to perfection crust, a healthy helping of toppings, and just the right amount of fresh, gooey cheese.