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Catching up with Dance Music’s Hottest Duo: NERVO

April 1, 2016
Written by: Yasha Wallin

It’s not often we get to talk to EDM’s all-time top ranking female DJs. But after the madness that was Miami Music Week, Australian sisters Mim and Liv Nervo, aka NERVO, sat down with us to talk about the future of dance music, style inspiration, and the Magic City.

What was the highlight of Miami Music Week for you?
Seeing our friends and playing our new records!

Any survival tips or MMW beginners?
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And don’t forget ear plugs!

You’ve played Miami several times—whats unique about the vibe here?
The week is electric. Everyone is in town and everyone has normally come off their writing breaks. We do a lot of writing from October to February/March. Miami Music Week feels like the beginning of the summer craziness.

EDM has gained such a massive following in the last five years—what direction do you see dance music heading in?
We’re seeing lot of other electronic genres being established. There seem to be slower tempos, less “crunchiness,” and a bit more melody. It’s a great time for dance music!

You’ve collaborated and written songs for Kesha, who has been in the spotlight a lot lately. As female musicians working in a male dominated industry, what would you like see change?
We’d like to see more girls getting involved in the making of music, writing, and producing.

What’s it like to perform in front of thousands with your sister?
It’s a dream come true. We’re on a constant high!

You guys have amazing onstage style—where does your outfit inspiration come from?
We pick up our style as we visit different countries, I guess. We don’t have a lot of time to shop these days so we buy a lot off the internet too. We love brands like BlackMilk, discount universe, YRU.