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Nailin’ It: Role Call with Rox

September 22, 2014
Written by: sbe Editor
Images by Sean Hastings

What better way to learn more about sbe’s hotels, restaurants, and nightlife properties than to get to know the team behind them? For our second installment of “Role Call”—where we go behind the scenes to introduce you to the colorful crew that makes up the sbe family—we meet Lauren Roxborough, aka “Rox”—or as we like to call her, “Google Docsborough.”  Rox is sbe’s Integrated Marketing Manager and was named Employee of the Year this year. Not only that, her style is continually on point, as evidenced by her killer stiletto manicures, which are always impeccably done by ES Nails.

Your role at sbe:

Integrated Marketing Manager. I manage everything from website builds, email marketing, photo shoots and content curation for all digital channels; to managing marketing budgets (WHAT?) and the launch of our new loyalty program, THE CODE. Hey, I’m just a digital girl living in a digital world.

How you got here:

Espresso-fueled late nights at the office, equal parts work hard/play hard, and setting goals too big for my own good.

Where we can find you when you’re not at the office:

Sharpening my claws at nail salons, rapping Eminem, getting my Namaste on, elevated surfaces, USC tailgates (fight on, duh), boating, brunching, #LanaDelRox-ing, and traveling.

Why you love your job:

I’m obsessed with my Integrated Marketing team. As the legendary @champagnepapi once said, “My team good, we don’t really need a mascot.”  JK, but seriously, I’m constantly supported and inspired by this crew. We are lucky to spend our days in an environment that fosters and encourages such creativity (ie. this blog post) and I mean, have you seen our office view?

Not many companies give you the opportunity to explore so many different business functionalities from design, to development, to strategy, to finance, and I’m fortunate to dabble in a little bit of everything, all while being a part of our exponential global growth.

You truly never know what to expect day-to-day at sbe – I thrive on our entrepreneurial energy and the infectious always-changing vibe is what keeps me coming back for more!

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